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Friday, 1 July 2016


               Euro 2016: 5 Things we learned from Poland vs Portugal
                                      Cristiano Ronaldo in action against Poland

Cristiano Ronaldo has performed to a higher standard after Zinedine Zidane was appointed as Real Madrid manager back in January. It coincided with him being given back his natural left wing role and Gareth Bale being pushed over to the right. it allowed him to charge down the wing, cut inside to the space left by a forward dragging defenders away, and he could shoot. So why is he playing the lone striker role for Portugal?

Yes, he can play that role but I don’t buy into the theory that he has to. His influence is diminished as he’s often left isolated and when the ball does come to him, fearing it might take a while to get there again, he decides to selfishly shoot (more than usual). I’d rather he was left in his preferred position and someone else played the role of a false striker, told primarily to leave spaces in the middle for Cristiano to attack.
Portugal edged out Poland in a penalty shoot out. 

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