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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Russian airstrikes killed 20 members of the same family in Aleppo, Syria- Mostly children

A country like Russia that is a little bit better than Africa in terms of standard of living and in terms of economy is not ripe enough to abandon its federation for other countries like Syria.

Twenty members of the same family were killed in airstrikes on the neighbourhood of Marjah in rebel-held east Aleppo Monday morning, according to activists at the Aleppo Media Center (AMC) and the White Helmets group.

Two six-week old babies, a boy and a girl  were among those killed, according to a list of names and ages listed by the AMC.
In recent days, hundreds of civilians have died amid the Syrian army's renewed offensive on rebel-controlled parts of the city.
A video shows some of the children killed lying shoulder-to-shoulder on the side of a street, wrapped in white cloth. A man squats and kisses one of the infants on the forehead before carrying the bodies away.

Since Sunday, airstrikes have killed at least 45 people in two neighbourhoods in Aleppo, the AMC said.
The death toll continued to climb after Moscow vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution Saturday to stop the bombing in Aleppo and allow access for humanitarian aid.

As the strikes have continued, Western powers accused Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his supporters of war crimes.
Both the United States and United Kingdom have mulled potential economic sanctions against Syria and Russia due to the Aleppo crisis.

Russia with bad economy and with poverty rising among its citizens, abandoned his country and continues to bomb the civilians in Syria. I personally do not know what the people of Russia are thinking, i can't understand while they will allow their under performance dictator to move to the east, after destroying half of Ukraine.

Many Russians are jobless, no good accommodation, no good health care services, bad education, bad infrastructural facilities in many regions in Russia. Many of them do not have job, many of them are living below average life. The standard of living in Russia is below average, the standard of living in Russia is almost at the same level with many African nations, because many of them are working in shops, super market, securities, factories, industries and firms with $250, $300 to $400 as monthly salary,provided your job is located in big cities like Moscow, St Petersburg or Siberia.

They can't protest, they are afraid to talk, because of the dictator they have as the president, human rights is not effective in Russian federation. Russians are always sad and quiet like everything is alright with them. Their sadness leads to aggressiveness, and that's why many people says Russians are aggressive.

Russian Economy keeps struggling and falling and Vladimir Putin moved to the east to support the Syrian leader to whom the citizens oppose, he moved there to support Assad  and continues to kill children with airstrikes, while many Russians in Russia can't even afford to put food on their tables.

Russian economy enters recession, because President Putin has invested more than 60 percent of its total gross domestic, national  income in building nuclear weapons, and tactically and mentally preparing for nuclear war.  I expected President Putin to invest massively in Russia, in order to take the Russians out of the communist cell, that they've found themselves since the era of Joseph Stalin, but he failed to do it.
President Putin chose to bomb Syria, which has led to the death of hundreds of innocent children.
Tears wouldn't stop dropping from my eyes as i am writing this article with anger. My cry won't help these kids.

Written, edited and published by Olusola Olaniyi - Publisher at Olusola Olaniyi's Planet Blog, Mariupol State University - Ukraine.

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