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Friday, 26 October 2018

Trump wants Autocracy, he doesn't want Democracy: Read Here

The left wing , the right wing is non of my business and not my problem. All i want is just get that crook criminal Trump and his family out of that Oval Office of the White House before he gets rid of all of you Americans. I don’t think you understand that if he’s impeached another republican will take over or will continue.? So this is not all about left wing or right wing, it’s about the safety of you Americans, the safety democracy and the world in general. So now you should understand that my problem it’s not about the Republicans nor the Democrats. It’s about you Americans and the world getting saved from a New York City mafia who colluded with the Russians to hijack the government of the United States from democracy to turn it to autocracy or autocratic government. It’s about getting rid of a criminal lying and dividing you from the White House. Causing hate and havoc everywhere all because he wants to make illegal billions from the government. Many of you would have been in jail if you hadn’t not paid your taxes or you evaded taxes. You would have been in jail if you had committed fraud or money laundering. It’s about high time you Americans need to forget left wing or right wing and come together as one nation to get rid of a criminal taking advantage of you and lying to you on daily basis. He only used immigrants xenophobic to win the hearts of lots of Americans ,because he understood that lots of Americans don’t even want to see immigrants. Lots of Americans hates. There is no country in this world without immigrants. Even Nigeria has lots of immigrants from other countries. When one of my Cameroonian friend visits Nigeria for the first time, he was shook by the numbers of Ukrainians he saw and met in Abuja. He called me and said he met lots of Ukrainians in Abuja, and he said they are many and he chatted with lots of them and they said they migrated to Nigeria, because they found good paid jobs and they are not even thinking of returning to Ukraine for now. And some of them even brought their families to Nigeria. And I said to him, look I’ve told you before that there are lots of them in Abuja and Lagos. Not only the Ukrainians, lots of other foreigners. And this is what the world is created on. The world is created on migration. It’s about how to manage migration and regulate it to make sure they come in legally, because this world is still migrating. Very young new world. And I want all of you to know that America was doing fine and great long before Trump became the president. America has always been the best and powerful and a wonderful country in the world before he became the president. United States has the largest economy in the world before he became the president almost two years ago. Obama deported illegal immigrants more than any other U.S Presidents in the history of the United States without causing havoc or hate. I want you to know that United States will be doing fine and great even if Trump wasn’t the present president. And nothing bad would ever happened to the United States like he has claimed many times that lots of bad things will happen and created fear and hate. That man is a bad man. You all need to understand that. He likes all dictators, he never like democracy, he likes autocracy. He’s been defending criminals and encouraging criminals and people breaking the laws. He’s attacking and oppressing free press like dictators do. No president in the history of the United had ever done that , not even before the civil war. During campaigns when he was promising mystery and impossible walls to block neighbouring countries, I knew he was fooling you Americans. I knew it’s not possible. I don’t understand the miracles that you Americans want that made some of you to support him and voted for him. You all need to wake up. Many bad things is happening now, because Trump and his family are so desperate to rip all of you off. He’s been trying hard to interfere in all branches of government and all arms of government of the United States of America, in order to corrupt all the system of government of the United States of America. I am telling all of you the truth.. If you think Trump is helping you , then I must tell you that you need to wake up from sleep. God bless you all and one love 💖 Written, edited and published by Olusola Olaniyi's Planet Blog.

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