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Monday, 3 October 2016

An ignorant would think that Putin is the game player and the dangerous one

Casino master would point out  the  game master, the  dangerous and the intelligent one between President Obama and President Putin. Many of you don't understand that the most intelligent and dangerous person  among them is Obama. President Obama brings out U.S. economy that has entered recession when Bush was in power. That was his first mission and he did it successfully and the country still remain world's most powerful nation. Obama was sending troops to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria while working on his economy and  he never failed.

Putin also knows it. Obama act like he is not aggressive, but he is very aggressive by making your economy go flat, he is very aggressive by dealing with you economically. Such person is an intelligent person. USA has the highest numbers of allies in the world and never go bankrupt. United States supports most of its allies financially and still never go bankrupt and still remain world's with the  largest economy. Tell me, how many countries can do that on this planet.? Many of you don't know that about 80 percent of Russians lives below average life and Putin keeps competing with country that is very strong economically, intelligent and has all weapons and power to destroy the world.

Majority of them in Russia are so poor, while few or minority are very rich to a level that they become billionaires. Look, i am not an American, i don't hate Russians, but i am only criticising Putin, i don't like his ideas. He is in a dangerous spot, but he thinks he is not. I have many Russians as friends and they are good people, i like them. I  understand their problems more than many of them, they are confused, many of them can't make decisions on their own, they always depend on government.

Their leaders have made them to believe that their problems is always from the western countries, they've been crippled and living in third world. Many of you Americans should know that America has whatever it takes to destroy this world within 50 seconds without being aggressive and making noise like Putin always does. Some of you Americans who are morons believes what is happening in Russia, you start believing that Russia is a strong country because Putin tested weapons in Ukraine and doing it in Syria. I want to let you know that the only strong country is a country with very good and strong economy. It is not by nuclear weapons, it is by good and high standard living of the people in that country.

Dictatorship, aggressiveness, lack of human rights, oppression and ignorance has put majority of Russians under siege. Many of them are afraid to speak out their minds, especially when it comes to criticising President Putin. Many of them are always sad, because they don't know their way out. Many of them are factory workers, shop workers with small salaries. Many of them have been like that since the time of  USSR, they've been working like slaves with little salaries and living in a communist house, communist life, low standard of living. Coal or Iron factory workers earns 300 dollars, 400 dollars every month- That is Moscow..  and many of them receives below that. That's why their standard of living is very low. Many of them are graduates with master's degree.

A U.S. citizen working in such factory would receive at least 2000 dollars a month, even more than that.  These are the things i expect president Putin to concentrate on, by amending all the mistakes their past leaders have made, but Mr Putin chose to blow the money on war he cannot see the end. They can't talk out their mind, they are quiet and afraid. Their quietness has made many countries to think or believe  that they are alright and everything is going on well with them in Russia.  Putin will keep bombing and keep losing and wasting money, while U.S will keep playing the game, so that he can become more angry and aggressive. They will play the game so that he can spend billions on war and become broke.

We need to go back to three decades ago, when USSR was acting like they were the world's most powerful federation, they were acting like they could rule the world. They invaded Afghanistan, they spent almost all their economic budget on war to the level that their economy enters recession, and they became very broke after they were kicked out of the middle east. They were very broke to an extent that it almost lead to fermentation. These are part of the reasons USSR break away. Russia would always make allies with leaders that are dictators, leaders that rules for many decades like it is a monarchy, leaders that does not  support democracy,leaders that refused to understand what is called human rights. That's why you see president Putin praising North Korea Kim Jong-un.

 Russia would have supported Gadaffi when the citizens stood up against Gaddafi, he was unable to support Gaddafi because he was not strong enough then, although it was a big mistake to have invaded Libya. All the money Russia have made from their progressive Oil ten years ago to 2014 have all been spent on building war arms and nuclear weapons, which he is now testing in Syria. President Putin tested some of those weapons in Ukraine. This is an opportunity for Russia to come out of third world and live in reality.

Russians needs to stand up and tell Putin to concentrate on home affairs, they need to let him understand that he is not ripe enough to spend billions on war, they need to let him understand that he is not ripe enough to compete with country with a successful economy.  Putin should invest these billions at home to change the communist life in Russian federation. Russians needs to remember what happens to them after USSR.
I don't hate Russians, but a warning to president Putin and a warning to Russians.

Written, edited and published by Olusola Olaniyi - Publisher at Olusola Planet Blog-Mariupol State University Ukraine.

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