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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Video: Arsenal had their first EPL win against Watford FC

                             Team celebrate Cazorla's goal against Watford

Arsenal were electric in first half of the game, they won by 3 goals to 1 away against Watford side.
Santi Carzola put the Gunners ahead from the penalty spot after Alexis Sanchez had been foul by Watford defender to concede a penalty. Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil also put themselves in the score sheet to get the Gunners the three maximum  points needed. Arsenal dominated first half, while Watford dominated second half.
Arsenal have 4 points in 3 matches played so far in the league. Watch Highlight below.

LOL: Usain Bolt takes five girls with him to his hotel room after clubbing in London

Usain Bolt continues partying hard in London. The Jamaican sprinter who worth more than $70 million according to Forbes takes 5 girls to his hotel room after partying some more in London.
See more photos below.


Africa's biggest Music producer Don Jazzy on Forbes Africa TV "My Worst Day With Gorgeous Peace Hyde"


Mavin Boss Micheal Collins better known as Don Jazzy is on Forbes Africa TV with host Peace Hyde.
The music Icon talks about his worse day in the music industry. The man talked about the day Mo Hits Records was destroyed. I think that he marked that day as the worse day of his life.
Mo Hits records opened business room for other record label we have in Nigeria now with their packaging that was packaged by business Guru Dbanj himself and music Icon producer  Don Jazzy. But unfortunately, Mo Hits record was destroyed 4 years ago, which left many music lovers  in Africa "home and abroad" in shocked . Mo Hits record sent Kenny's music packing.
Catch the exclusive interview below.  

NBA player Dwyane Wade lost his cousin to gun violence in street of Chicago

Nykea Aldridge was having a good afternoon with her child in a stroller before that good afternoon turned to bad noon. She got hit by bullet when she was pushing a stroller with her child in it on Friday afternoon on a street in Chicago. Reports confirmed that one of the bullet hit her in the head , while another bullet hit her in an arm when several men where shooting on the street.
 "Aldridge was on her way to register her child in an elementary school when the  shooting happened and she was killed." Said her aunt Jolinda Wade who is a mother to Dwayne Wade. Her child in the stroller was not injured.
Dwayne Wade who is an NBA champion took to his twitter to express his black mood.

Take heart bro. May her soul rest in peace.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Isoko house in Delta State bombed by unknown group


Isoko secretariat development Union house in Oleh Delta state was bombed by unknown group. The house called Isoko house was bombed this morning after the Union members set to began annual conference meeting in the house. No casualty been recorded and no group has taken responsibility for the attack.
More photos below.


Sir Richard Branson almost lost his life while cycling on Caribbean Island - SEE PHOTOS

Sir Richard Branson escaped death after crashing his motor cycle close to a cliff edge on a Caribbean Island.

The owner of Virgin Atlantic Group said that he was so lucky the he only suffered a cracked cheek and torn ligaments.
"I really thought i was going to die." Said the 66- year- old man.
He also added that his life flashed before my eyes, he said that he was cycling down a hill when he hits a speed of bump and was hurled over the handlebars.

The Business man explained further that "a couple of nights ago I went cycling on Virgin Gorda with Holly and Sam as part of my training for the Virgin Strive Challenge. I was heading down a hill towards Leverick Bay when it suddenly got really dark and I managed to hit a ‘sleeping policeman’ hump in the road head on. The next thing I knew, I was being hurled over the handlebars and my life was literally flashing before my eyes.

"I really thought I was going to die. I went flying head-first towards the concrete road, but fortunately my shoulder and cheek took the brunt of the impact, and I was wearing a helmet that saved my life (however, perhaps they should build bike helmets that protect the side of the face too - does anyone know of one?). My bike went flying off the cliff and disappeared. We’ve since recovered the crumpled bicycle, completely destroyed. My cheek has been badly damaged and my knee, chin, shoulder and body severely cut." Said the Business Guru.

"As I landed, once I realised I was alive, I began testing my movement. I really couldn't believe I was alive, let alone not paralysed. Coincidentally, the first person to arrive on the scene was my assistant Helen, who had just returned from holiday. She was wondering who was lying prostrate on the road. I was so glad to be alive that I quickly was able to summon my sense of humour, and said to her: “I’m alive! At least you’ve still got a job." The 66 years old said to reporters. 
See more photos below. 


Brian Acton was rejected by Facebook in 2009, he founded whatSapp that same year and sold it to Facebook for $19 billion in 2014

Brian Acton was rejected by Facebook in 2009 and later that same year, he co-founded an application called WhatSapp. In 2014 Facebook bought whatSapp from Brian Acton for $19 billion dollars.
See and read what Brian Acton tweeted on twitter when he was  rejected and blocked by Facebook in 2009.

Never let rejection in life put you down. Keep pushing hard, you will get there someday. Sometimes, every disappointment in life might turn a blessing. Blessing cannot come if you gave up. You mustn't give up to disappointment and rejection. Work hard and pray hard, if you believe in God. But God will also tell you that the first thing you need to  do is to work and never give up.
This is powerful, it really motivate me.

He can see my tweet- Cristiano Ronaldo takes dig at Jealous Gerard Pique on twitter after winning the best player in Europe

It was Gerard Pique who started it first, it wasn't his first time of throwing shade at Cristiano Ronaldo. He is now making it look like he is jealous of the Portuguese star. Pique throws shade at Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo earlier this week, the Barcelona defender believes that Real Madrid played some easy teams in their run to champions league glory last season. He said that on Twitter Question and Answer session. He said that he wants an easy group stage like Real Madrid had last season, which helped them to win the champions league trophy last season.

And later yesterday evening after winining the UEFA best player in Europe, Cristiano Ronaldo was asked about Pique's shade at him and Real Madrid and he replied; "Well, I’m not going to answer,’ he told the El Larguero radio show. ‘What I can say to Pique is that he can see my tweet (with a) very pretty photo". Ahahahahaha lol.
See Ronaldo's tweet below.

Hillary is Crooked lol-Trump blasts Clinton again on Twitter

                                 Image result for Trump

Republican  party nominee for president Donald Trump has come again. It is normal for him to talk rubbish and blast everyone lol. He blasted Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on twitter. He called Hillary crooked lol. Read what he tweets about Hillary Clinton below.

President Buhari has done nothing to stop Fulani Herdsmen from killing people in South/West of Nigeria

                      Image result for fulani herdsmen
It was reported on Thursday morning that suspected Fulani herdsmen attacked Atakwu community in Enugu State. These herdsmen were heavily armed and started killing innocent people living in that community.
They killed a mother and her daughter, pregnant woman, a seminarian of Catholic Church and many others, according to report.
Fulani Herdsmen have been killing and attacking people from the west, south , east of Nigeria from the moment  President Buhari was declared  the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. President Buhari who is a Fulani man have failed to do anything to stop this Fulani Herdsmen from killing people since he became the president of Nigeria.
Former minister of Aviation Femi Fani Kayode reacted to it on twitter.

                          photo of one of the woman attacked by Fulani Herdsmen yesterday

North Korea fired new missile system from North Korean submarine to Japan defense zone - Watch the video

                                  Image result for north korean leader
North Korean leader watches missile lunch on Korean submarine shore. The missile reaches Japan defence zone.
The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was there live to supervised  and witnessed the lunching of the missile, and he was happy and pleased with it. He appreciated the test- fire as the greatest success and victory. He called it the greatest ever.
Hmmmmm!!!!!!. We are now living in the world of nuclear weapon that can wipe off all living things and non living things on the earth within a minute.
May God save us. See the video below.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Alaafin OYO visits president Buhari at the state house today


President Buhari receives an August Visitor at the state house earlier today. Alaafin of OYO HRH Oba Lamidi  Olayiwola Adeyemi III visited president Buhari at the state house today.
See more photos below.


The draw for 2016/17 champions league group stage

Official draw for 2016/17 champions league group stage. 

Cristiano Ronaldo wins 2015/16 UEFA best player in Europe

Cristiano Ronaldo wins 2015/16 UEFA best player in Europe ahead of Real Madrid team mate Gareth Bale and Atletico star Antioni Greizmann. 

The Portuguese star thanks his team mates both in Real Madrid and Portugal and also praise Antioni Griezmann and Gareth Bale for their amazing performances at both club level and national team. 

He said they are great players, they had amazing season and played well in last season and also at European tournament.  He also added that both Griezmann and Bale  deserves the award. The Real Madrid forward praised them after he was named the best player in Europe. 
Congratulations to Ronaldo.  See more photos below.

Look at this throwback picture of Tony Tetuila and Mr Olu Maintain

Tony Tetuila shares an epic throwback picture of him with Mr Olu Maintain on Instagram. He wrote "throwback looool, thank God for the gift of life." I really thank God for them too, especially Mr Olu Maintain. Tetuila was actually thanking  God, because then it wasn't easy. Many hustle, but few made it.
 Back then, Nigeria's music industry was a scanty, lonely and struggling market without money, but only Kenny's music  eating and getting the money "Baba Keke and Dayo Adeneye." 
They've all got talent,but lacked that knowledge about how to market their talent. The only music or record label well known then was Kenny's music. 

Kenny's music dominated Africa for more than a decade, before everything changed for good and better.Thanks to DBanj and Don Jazzy who came with packaging. Almost all music Artist we have now in Nigeria have their own record label. 

Even  Lil Kesh has his own record label. A single hit will earn you thousands of dollars in Nigeria's music industry we have now.
Thank God. 

Фото опубликовано Tetuila (@tonytetuilaofficial)

President Robert Mugabe ordered Arrest of the Zimbabwean Olympic team for failing to win a single medal at Rio

                                  Image result for Mugabe

Zimbabwean President Mugabe has ordered Zimbabwean police department to arrest and detain all Zimbabwean Olympic team for failing to win a single medal at the just concluded Olympic game in Rio Brazil.
The 93 year old papa instructed Zimbabwean commissioner of police Augustine Chihuri to arrest all the team and detain them until further notice.

Zimbabwean team is one of the Olympic team that failed to win a single medal at the event. They participated in 31 games and failed to win any medal.
Their failure to win a single medal in 31 games at  the Rio Olympic game  made  Mugabe angry at them, and he believes that the team deserves a punishment for their poor outfit at the game in Rio.

Papa Mugabe, please have mercy on them lool.

Watch the video of an 8 year old girl being pulled out alive of a huge pile of rubble's suffered from an earthquake in Italy

                                    Image result for earthquake today in italy video
A video from CNN shows an 8 year old girl being  pulled out of a huge pile of collapsed building rubble's.
The 8 year old girl was pulled out alive by rescue workers, they couldn't believe that she would survive the disaster. Everyone in the scene started clapping after she was pulled out and still alive. She survived the earthquake attack.
It was reported by CNN that the death rate has increased to 158 from 38 that was initially reported about 48 hours ago.
Italy suffered from an earthquake magnitude 6.2 which has already killed about 158 people as being reported some hours ago by CNN. See video below.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Linda Ikeji Media is hiring/looking for workers

This is a big opportunity for those of you looking for job in Nigeria. Linda Ikeji Media is hiring workers at the moment. Apply now and get a job for yourself.

"Like most of you know, I'm expanding my business to include TV, Radio, Music and something else If you missed it, read all about it here. I need to hire staff to get the work done." Said Linda Ikeji herself.

At Linda Ikeji Media we are looking to hire the following;
Front desk officer/receptionist, TV presenters, editors, producers, content developers, cameramen, entertainment/music/crime writers, Radio hosts, sound engineers, HR, Accountant, Administrative staff, customer care, marketers and IT professionals. They even said I might need a

If you think you can fit in any of these roles or even qualified for them, please send CV to or If you're shortlisted, we will call you for a one-on-one interview. Thanks guys, good-luck and God bless!

Antoine Greizmann: I deserve Europe award ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale


Athletico Madrid forward Antoine Greizmann believes that he deserves to win the best player in Europe Award ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale.
The France star believes that his performances with Atletico Madrid and France last season were worthy of claiming the price ahead of  Real Madrid stars.


The 25 year old said."I am proud to be a finalist , that means I am on the right track and have  to continue that way."

"I don't want to sound arrogant, but I deserve this award, because I've had a great season with both club and the national team."

"It has been unforgettable season, first in the Champions League with Atletico Madrid, then Euros with France." Said the French man.
The french forward lost both finals to the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Please help us speed up the return of billions of dollars looted by government officials - Nigeria anti-corruption groups begs John Kerry


It was reported that anti-corruption groups in Nigeria begs US secretary of State John Kerry to help Nigeria to speed up the return of billion of dollars looted and stolen from the country's treasury by some present and past government officials.
It was made known today in Lagos when Kerry met with the director of the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project Adetokunbo Mumuni, and other activists.
Mumuni told Kerry that the looted money is believed to be in banks or their offshore holdings from the United State, Britain, Switzerland, Germany and other European countries.

Secretary Kerry told the anti-corruption group that asset recovery is a long and complicated process, but the U.S government has lawyers and accountants working on it.
Report claims that United State of America in 2014 froze nearly 500 million dollars of illicit funds from the loot of deceased military dictator Sani Abacha, but has yet to assure Nigeria how and when the money will be return.
President Buhari also estimated that over 150 billion dollars have been stolen by government officials over the past ten years.

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