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Sunday, 3 July 2016



                              Barcelona take salary spending to a new level
                                       Barcelona take salary spending to a new level

With Neymar's €25 million per season deal now official, Barcelona have four of the 10 highest-paid footballers in the world on their books - more than any other club.

Along with the Brazilian, Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Luis Suarez find themselves among the top 10 earners.

To put things into perspective, the Blaugrana now spend more on the salaries of Messi and Neymar than the entire budgets of 15 other La Liga clubs.

With the increase in the Brazilian's wages, he becomes the highest-paid player in the sport, although that may change the next time either Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo renew their deals.

It is clear that those in the offices of the Camp Nou now value Neymar as highly as Messi, something that had not always been the case. Rather, the Argentine's salary was previously on another scale to those of the rest of the squad.

Josep Maria Bartomeu, the club president, said on Thursday that Barcelona would now turn their attention to evaluating all players with two seasons or less remaining on their contract to assess whether they should be renewed.

The eight players who fall into that category are Claudio Bravo, Javier Mascherano, Jeremy Mathieu, Jordi Masip, Adriano Correia, Munir El Haddadi, Iniesta and Messi.

In the case of Messi, Bartomeu confirmed that the No.10 would have his contract renewed soon, while Iniesta will also be looked after as the club would like the midfield maestro to retire at the Camp Nou.

Luis Suarez, meanwhile, may also receive an improved deal in the near future. Although, he has more than two years remaining on his current contract, his performances in the Barcelona shirt have been world class.

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