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Friday, 29 July 2016



Trump is a liar. I am even more experienced in politics than Trump. He is just a Business man who knows nothing about politics. 

To rule a country is not an easy job. Tacking global crisis is a big task for those people who has been in politics from the bottom. 

These people started from Senate's, governor's, and even Putin was a KGB and FSB director where he gathered a lot of political experiences before rising to become a President and Prime Minister. 

Poroshenko as a business man was also a member of the Parliament where he gathered political experiences before rising  to become a President. 

Trump has never engaged in any political activities until now as the Republican party nominee for the president of the United State of America in the 2016 election. I am waiting for the fools to vote for Trump. 

Goodluck Jonathan the former president of Nigeria as a lecturer started from local council, to deputy Governor and later to Vice President and eventually becomes the President. Jonathan gathered political experiences as a local council member and as a deputy Governor.


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