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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Daughter of Saudi Arabia King Salman ‘flees Paris after ordering bodyguards to kill a painter and decorator’

42 year old Princess Hassa, the daughter of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia, has fled Paris, France, after allegedly telling her bodyguard to 'murder a painter and decorator' over the weekend.

According to reports, Princess Hassa allegedly told her bodyguard “You have to kill this dog, he doesn’t deserve to live.”
The bodyguard who hasn't been named yet to the media was arrested last week in Paris and appeared before a judge on Sunday where he revealed the allegations while the Princess has reportedly pleaded diplomatic immunity against prosecution.
According to the bodyguard's statement in court, (Princess Hassa did not appear in court for the hearing), Hassa was infuriated after catching a 53 year old workman taking pictures of her, and so ordered him to attack the man.
According to Le Point magazine, who broke the story, the bodyguard said he had done the “minimum necessary” to “restrain” the workman after the princess caught him taking pictures.
The workman was accused of wanting to sell the images of inside of the flat in Avenue Foch, the prestigious road close to the Arc de Triomphe- where the Princess was staying, to the media.
The judicial police said in court there's nothing wrong with painters and decorators taking pictures on their smartphones while doing jobs and the workman's lawyer revealed that the princess ordered her bodyguard to beat the unidentified Frenchman up, tie his hands and feet together, and then made him kiss her feet. And then after four hours, the workman was kicked out of the flat, and told to “never return” to the area.
Elie Hatem, the bodyguard’s barrister, says the workman's version of events are false:
“There were more than twenty people in the apartments. How can the facts as outlined by the complainant have been overlooked?”
No official statement has so far been released by the Princess, her Dad or the Saudi Arabian embassy in Paris.
Source: Le Point Magazine/ Sun UK

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