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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Donald Trump would have been sucking dicks in Jail over sexual assault, if Buhari was the President of the United States

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been caught on tape fantasizing about such acts but still he is eligible to run for the president and still the people that want Cosby prosecuted with no real evidence may be voting for Trump to be the president...that pretty much sums up the definition of racial hypocrisy!!.   Trump is even threatening to sue the team that leaked the tape.

Can you see that.? He was caught red handed and still threatening to sue them.?

He has the confidence to say that he will sue some people.? More than five women stood up to accused Trump of sexual assault with probably an evidence, if given a chance and time to go ahead with the prosecution.

He is such type of person who doesn't want to pay tax. He is tax fraud and wants ordinary middle class and lower class people to pay high tax. This is one of his plan, if he becomes the president. He is just a mafia, a thug.

How I wish Buhari was the president of the United States. Trump would have rots in Jail . Only God knows how many bad he has done in the past.

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