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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Please dump Trump and don't vote for Trump for the sake of the rest of the world - Pleading to you all Americans

I am pleading to all Americans once again to dump Trump, please don't vote for Trump.  The Republican nominee 'Donald Trump' is not your future and there is nothing he is going to offer to the  Americans, than disaster and destruction.

There is no change he is going to bring to the United State of America than to cause damages that might take many years before it can be fix. Trump is not going to make United State of America great again because USA is already a great country.

A country like United States do not  have to be great again,  but to progress as a great country  and your country can only have a  progress by electing a leader who is not sentimental and discriminating, a leader who doesn't see another race as a threat, a leader who doesn't think about destroying another race, a leader who does not use racism to rise to power, a leader who is not Anti-Muslims, a leader who can differentiate between Muslims and Islamic extremist or terrorist.

Look, your country is a great country. I know that Clinton is not the best candidate because no one is the best in politics, but she is a better candidate to Donald Trump, because she is not the the candidate who is going to cause division in the United States, in the world  and cause more hatred amongst people.

I am pleading to all Americans not to make  mistake or to be deceived by Trump's promises. I am not campaigning for Clinton or campaigning for the Democrats, i am only worried because it is already clear that Trump is a disaster to world. I wish you all Americans good luck. To be continue........

Written, edited and published by Olusola Olaniyi - Publisher at Olusola Olaniyi's planet blog Mariupol State University, Ukraine.

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