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Friday, 18 November 2016

"We are not moving to Mexico, we pay taxes, don't believe Trump's barbarous claims" -Ford Company replies Trump after claiming during campaign that Ford company is moving out of the U.S

Trump thinks that Multi-National company like Ford will be moving  its plant  to Mexico in order to avoid paying company's tax, but Ford gave a good reply by saying that "Ford company pays taxes, we are not moving our plant out of the U.S, we can't move to Mexico" as Trump claimed during his campaign.

I think that Americans will soon realise that he is more interested in becoming the president in order for him to protect his brand or company from  paying high taxes as an upper class person or in order to avoid taxes. Mr Trump is the kind of person who believes that upper class people don't need to pay high tax, while middle class people must pay high tax and that's why he got most of his vote from those multinational entrepreneurs, upper class people who believe that he is going to help them to protect their business and bring down their tax.

He said a lot of unreal things during his campaign and things that are not possible to execute during his campaign in order to get the attention of some Americans who he personally see as fools and dumb. He said things like Ford company moving their plant to Mexico, he is going to build a long and tall wall and Mexico must pay for it. These things are not possible, because Ford company never had any plan to move their plant out of the United States, they want to shift to some places in the state in order to give room for smaller production and expand their production in some other places, in order to create more job opportunities for people in other regions. And probably thinking about building small factory in neighbouring company like Mexico in order to help them and give them jobs opportunity. They've been on it for more than four years. Mexico as a country that will never contribute for a wall.

Few days after he was declared the winner of the presidential election, Mr Trump said that he thinks that he is not going to build that long wall. He knows that he was not going to build any wall before he was nominated, but he uses it to campaign in order to get people's vote, after he created hatred.  I hope Trump appoint some real people who are really going to help him out in his four years administration, if given them a chance. Everything seems new to him, he does not know much in politics, he doesn't know anything about foreign policy.

He said recently that Africans are slaves, living like slaves and Africa should be recolonised. I think Trump's team or his political party needs to caution him and make him to understand that election is over, they need to tell him that he needs to stop saying nonsense. They need to let him understand that governing a country like United States is more sole proprietorship or one man business. He uses Ford and other multi-national companies that are still doing well in the U.S to campaign by telling people that these companies are folding up, these companies are moving their productions to other countries and many other jargon's, because he thinks that these multi national companies are paying high taxes and he doesn't see any sense in it, he thinks that these companies are not happy with what they pay as taxes.

Mr Trump claimed that Ford is moving its plant to Mexico during campaign, but now he said Ford company is not moving to Mexico anymore. Many Americans who voted for Trump out of hatred and tax avoidance will have themselves to blame in some years to come, by the time he scramble legacy some past  U.S  president have left behind and by the time he makes  USA an isolated country.

Written, edited and published by Olusola Olaniyi - Publisher at Olusola Olaniyi's Planet Blog| Mariupol State University, Ukraine.

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