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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Fans, players , technical team, and the whole must come together to support our beloved Arsenal in this hard time

I love Arsenal so much.. Our problem this season is that we lost focus on the way. Arsene Wenger takes the blames because is the Coach, but those players must also be blamed, they must also be hold responsible for their failure, because they failed to put their best to it on the pitch.

They earn a lot, but not doing enough. Arsene Wenger is one of the best coach in the world, he is an experience coach and we can't just allow him to leave just like that..

Fans, Players, technical team and the whole team must come together in this trial time and give all support to our beloved Arsenal Football Club. We can still succeed, we can still win something this season and we can still qualify for next season Champions League.

Arsene Wenger must have learnt something in this hard time. A very hard time for him.. I used to be one of his critic, but i must admit that he is a good coach.

Common you Gunners..

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