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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Trump doesn't give a fuck about the women equality marching, go grab a job and stop marching around- You women voted for him

Why are these fools women marching now after they've voted for Crook Trump to be their President..? They had every chances to make a woman who is going to help them in equality right as a president, but decided to vote for a crook who has abused them many times.

They didn't vote for a woman because women hates women, women jealous women. The hatred in them is now punishing them.. A woman would  call a woman a witch, because she got jealous of the tremendous success of another woman.. That's women for you..

The hatred living in them didn't allow them to vote for Hillary Clinton. Trump will never listen to what  you women want in America. Trump will never listen to the Gender equality or whatever you women want in the United States of America.

I trust him for that and i know him for that, because he doesn't know women and he doesn't respect women, he doesn't recognise you women. You fools women voted for him. That's your punishment.

He only recognises those girls in his nuclear family, because they are his daughters, he doesn't recognise his first lady.. So, you women are only fooling around.

You better sit down, get a job and stop wasting your time, because Trump doesn't give a fuck to whatever fucking rally or marching  you've been doing.

You women still voted for him after grabbing your pussies and he still bragged about grabbing  your pussies in public and you still voted for him.. Shame on you.

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