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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Photos: BBNaija Raised N330 Million Naira ( $1 million) in 7 Days.

BBNaija Raised N330 Million Naira in 7 Days.

Did you watch Big Brother Nigeria Show Finale?

Am sure you are away that Efe got the crown

with a whooping N25 Million Naira and Brand New KIA SUV car.

Based on Logistics!

Big Congratulations to the WAFI Guy turned Multi Millionaire.

Some people has been asking, who is this Big Brother self that

doesn't even show his face on TV?

He must be a multi Billionaire to be giving out as much as N25M

to winner of the show?

I think EFCC need to investigate his source of wealth....Lol.

You see, Big Brother Naija is No single individual.

It's a collection of ideas put to work with proper technology.

The truth is that Big Brother Naija got the money the WINNERs went home with

from the large audience and lovers of the show.

According to report on April 3, 2017, 11 million Nigerians’ voted for four housemates in just 1 week.

The Voting was done through SMS Shortcode Number billing N30 per voting Attempt.

Mathematically wise, 11,000,000 X 30 = N330,000,000

In a space of 7 days. That's the power of
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Wishing you Happy Easter In Advance.


Your internet friend,

Adefila Adeyinka

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