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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Syria's war in its 6th year - Chemical weapon kills children, dozens of civilians yesterday

“Chemical weapons are the worst of the war crimes and whoever is responsible for that must be held accountable,” EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini about a suspected chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib province .

The only solution to Syria's war is to evacuate all Syrians to a virgin land far from Syria.. Both West, Russia, ISIS will have no more innocent people to kill, after they might have evacuated citizens to another land far from Syria.
The situation in Syria has now turned to Russia blaming West, West blames Russia, ISIS blames West, Russia blames ISIS, West blames ISIS for all attack that hits citizens of Syria.. Blames will stop if they can evacuate all these citizens to a virgin land far from Syria, Iraq, Yemen - in short far from middle east.

Civilians are dying more than Terrorists West and Russia been claiming they've been fighting.. This is terrible... Tens of thousands of Syrians have died since the war started in 2011. More than millions already been displaced..This is getting out of hand @unitednations. All Syrians are going to die, if they won't stop using gas to attack..

Almost 83 people died in Aleppo area yesterday after gas or chemical attack.  25 little innocent children were among those dead. Damascus used to be one the most beautiful and ancient city in the world, just like Rome. That city is now a dust.
I can't help it, my eyes were red after seeing those kids lying dead.. They've killed children in Syria. I don't know them, but it really hurts my soul. I am hurt.

That was outrageous. I saw these kids lay on the floor, struggling for their lives, some already dead. It made me cry. I cried like a baby.. So painful..
The situation in Syria is worse than any crisis around the world now.. Syria's situation is worse than Boko Haram attack in Northern Nigeria, worse than Yemen crisis, worse than Libyan crisis, worse than the situation in Iraq, worse than the crisis in Eastern Ukraine, worse than the situation in Sudan. West and Russia are really fighting war in Syria, they are really dropping bombs on civilians, they are playing kites or chess on civilians life.
@Unitednations, what are you going to do to stop this war?

What is the population of Syria.?  I believe they can temporarily evacuate these people from that land.. World leaders, world billionaires can come together, raised billions in order evacuate these people to a temporary virgin land. "Give them some life"

Look, the situation is getting worse and worse.. United Kingdom says Assad must pay the price for using chemical weapons, EU blames Assad, United States blames Assad.. Russia says it will publicly stand by Assad  "Syrian government". Assad can't be force out of government, because he has Russian backup, rebels will continue to fight Assad, because West backed them up. So, what is the solution? More children are going to die, more civilians who are tired of this war are going to die. This is madness
That is the only solution, because it seems the war will never end.. Assad will not step down, some citizens supported by west who turns rebels won't stop fighting Assad government. Citizens are dying and United Nations, United States, Russia, European Union, United Kingdom can only talk from their beautiful places without any sign of solution to Syria's war. Many Children died yesterday.. That's so terrible and heartbreaking..
Syria's war in its 6th year.

Written by Olusola Olaniyi's Planet Blog - Mariupol State University, Ukraine

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