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Monday, 8 May 2017

An educated boy with no political party defeated an extremist Le Pen- Read here

Marie Le Pen was dancing after conceding defeat to Emmanuel Macron. Fake dance, deep inside her she was seriously disappointed..Go suck Trump's dick..

Trump wanted her to be the president...She thought what worked for Trump election would work for her, and she used the same Trump's ideological campaign method "France exiting European Union, France kicking out immigrants and blocking Immigrants, French people should kick out all Muslims and close down their praying centres or mosques, France will not support Climate Change if she becomes the president, France kicking out of the Euro Zones, because she thinks it's not benefiting them, France kicking out of NATO because she is Putin's buddy."

French people are educated people and they know these tricks of fooling people to get to power, and that's why she was seriously beaten by a young handsome man with no political party..

Trump would have lost the election if the same method of head counts election or population method using in France was applied in the United States.. French election is by ballot paper head count with popular highest votes, and the candidate with the most ballot papers head count or popular votes wins the election.

If 60 millions voters came out to vote in one country, the candidate with highest votes or population wins the election.. Election by population is used in France. There is nothing like electoral college in France..

But the United States election is not by ballot paper head count or by population.. It is by electoral college. "A candidate who wins the most states in the United States wins the election. Americans don't elect president in the United States, electoral college determines who becomes the president of the United States. Americans don't elect by population, they elect by States which is determine by electoral college.
Written and published by Olusola Olaniyi's Planet Blog - Mariupol State University, Ukraine. 

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