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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Reasons why Trump and the Saudi's are trying to destabilize Qatar - Read this article

Why are you surprised that Donald Trump accused Qatar of funding terrorists and terrorism.? Why are you surprised at what you heard from him,? we shouldn't be surprise.

We all should know that 100 billion dollars Trump deals with the Saudi's is really making him  to go insane. That's what the Saudi's told Trump to say and wants Trump to do after taking billions from them during his visit to Saudi Arabia.

One of the gulf region in Arab States is on the verge of war. The Qataris have called on the Russians for defense, Turkish president Erdogan has already sent Troops to Qatar border, in order to defend them from any internal and external attack.

Soon, the Saudi's​ and Trump will form group of rebels in Qatar that may finally destroy Qatar.
Qatar on the verge of losing 2022 world cup, after investing billions to get the tournament to their country.. They've already built stadiums, hotels and others, and still constructing many infrastructural facilities in order to make the world tournament a successful one.

Arabs are so insane, they hate each other so much to an extent the United States/West and Russia sees them as opportunities to make lots of billions from them, by selling arms to them, so that they can use it to destroy themselves in order take their oil and oil money.

When are these Arabs going to stop hating on each other? Grow up and live in peace . Why are the United States and Saudi Arabia trying to bring war to a peaceful gulf region known as Qatar/UAE.?

Back to Trump

Saudi's​ are controlling Trump, because they know he wants money and he will do anything for them in order to destabilize and  destroy their Arab brothers like the Qataris.
Trump is desperate to cover all his bankruptcy, pay his debt, cover his unpaid taxes and that's why he ran for the president.

Trump is  hustling hard to keep lost billions for his kids and grandkids.. He will do anything to get those billions back, he will do everything to make Trump's family gets rich and richer. Trump will get more rich and richer on Americans tax payers, and he will be more richer by taking money from the Saudi's and destroying some other Arabs States and some other middle east states according to his agreement with the Saudi's

Written, edited and published by Olusola Olaniyi's Planet Blog - Mariupol State University, Ukraine.

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