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Saturday, 8 July 2017

An interesting and positive news from yesterday's G20 meeting for BREXIT lovers-Read here

Please take your time to read this lool, very interesting...

Read below.

"We're a self governing, sovereign island....that makes us not part of the European continent. Just because we are sadly closer to France than some would like, doesn't make us european." 

That is the reply i got from an ignorant angry Brit after i wrote that 'is Nigel Farage going to take Great Britain to the continent of America, if he hates Europe as a continent and EU as an organisation so much.' 

And i gave him this reply "Roland Underwood you are big disgrace to the people of Britain, even Farage who started this nonsense would never said UK is not part of the European continent.. Is there anything like sovereign island continent? Is UK located on the continent of America or continent of Africa or Asian continent, if it is not located in Europe.? You are an illiterate, an ignorant who doesn't have a single education." 

And he gave me another reply "Otunba Ekehinde Samuel I suggest you have a word with yourself before you start throwing accusations around. 1: I never claimed to side with farage, 2: I'm neither a disgrace nor illiterate, and 3: my university education standard degree in mechanical engineering would suggest otherwise. 

I corrected you because you were wrong. Which part of self governing, sovereign island, does your little not understand? We are not a colony of any European country, so therefore cannot be claimed as a European country. The Falkland Islands belong to Great Britain, does that make them European? The only ambiguous argument would be Gibraltar, as its land connected to Spain. The citizens of gib have every right to claim Europe citizenship, yet some choose not to. 

So...unless you have anything civil or remotely intelligent to say, I'd suggest you stop making yourself look like a complete moron."
And i also gave him this reply "Roland Underwood you studied a mechanical engineering and still talking like someone who never passed through school or college.. My only question is "on which continent is that sovereign island you are claiming  located on earth"?. 

I believe an high school student is more literate than you are .. Any Country or an island located on a continent belongs to that continent.. Great Britain and other island that belongs to Great Britain and that is located on European continent are Europeans.. EU is different from the continent of Europe.. You can claim that you are not EU citizen, because EU is politically and economically formed under a geographically continent of Europe.. Geographically, Great Britain is Europe, because it is located on the continent of Europe.. In Africa, there are ECOWAS, Central African Community, Southern African Development Community (SADC) and so on.. 

These organisations or classifications were formed base on politics and Economics. All Countries in ECOWAS uses one international passport, writes the same senior secondary school leaving exams, those countries in ECOWAS don't need visa to visit ECOWAS States.. Central African States also have the same law with central African States and so on.. But all of these countries, organisations, classifications and so on are all located on the continent of Africa and therefore makes all of us Africans, including Northern Africans "Egypt Tunisia, Libya and so on" Southern Africans "South Africa, Bostwana, Lesotho, Swaziland and so on, Western Africans "Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Gambia, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Liberia and so on" Central Africans " "Central Africa Republic, Cameroon, Congo DRC and so on. Eastern Africans "Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Zambia and so on. 

We are all Africans regardless of classifications, organisations, because all these countries based on classifications and organisations are all located on the continent of Africa.. Likewise Great Britain and its Island, because Great Britain and its Island are all located on the continent of Europe that makes you all Europeans, but not all are citizens of European Union, because EU is formed in Europe based on Economics and Politics.. Have I educated you a little bit? Don't be an ignorant man."

A British woman got mad at me lool.. She said.

"Otunba Ekehinde Samuel sorry pal your talking CLAP TRAP..
We all know who actually runs the EU and it ain't the 27 countries but just one... they all jump to Merkles tune and if you can't see that then you need spectacles. The sooner we leave that one way ticket union the better, we stood on our own way before and we will again.
 And i gave her this reply lool "Sue Boden Lool, are you angry that so much..? You shouldn't put that blame on that hardworking woman who is wiser, better than all cabinets, house of Lords, house of commons, present and past Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom. Blame your politicians, not Angela Merkel. She's is far better.."

Written, edited and published by Olusola Olaniyi's Planet Blog - Mariupol State University, Ukraine.

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