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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Video:I bailed you out twice, White House is turning to Kremlin-said Saudi Prince

Why won't Trump  threaten Qatar after sealing deals that worth $450 billion  and $20 billion for his personal company with the Saudi's. Trump will continue to go after Arab countries he's personally not benefiting from them. He will continue to make them look so bad just because some of those Arab countries haven't been doing business with his personal company.

As you all know, just after Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia,  King of Saudi Arabia unpend or dethrone crown prince and name his son as a successor, just because dethroned crown prince is against Trump, he criticed Trump and he never wanted to have anything to do with Trump again.

It is not because of U.S relation with some of these Arab countries, it is only because of Trump company lack of good relationship with some of these Arab nations. Trump non physical conflict with Qatar, Iran,Iraq is called conflict of personal interest.

Trump is now looking for means and ways to destabilise these Arab Gulf nations, after sealing a mouth watery personal deal with the Saudi's. I don't know when Americans will get to realise that this is not about "Make America Great Again, it is all about Make Trump family company great again." Take your time and watch this video below.

Many of you racists filled with hatred wanted Trump to be the president. You Americans deserves whatever you are getting from him.. Trump is going to treat you bad, because he's a bully, has pride in him, egoism is living in him, he's corrupt, he lied lot to you all the time, because he knows that plenty of you are fools and foolish with hatred living in you.

He misled you fools and called all media's fake. He's becoming a dictator and gradually turning White House to Kremlin. Look in Russia, media don't work with honesty, they are always under oppression and always afraid to tell the truth. That is the foundation of the USSR. Trump is looking for ways to kill the media in the United States and bounce back on plenty of you fools, rip your tax off.

Killing media in the United States won't work, it is a matter of time.

Get Trump out of  the White House, he's a danger to the United States, danger to the rest of the world. He's taking America backward, not forward.

Written, edited and published by Olusola Olaniyi's Planet Blog - Mariupol State University, Ukraine.

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