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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Video:Polish people put to the street after their politicians passed a law that stopped the judiciary from applying law on the politicans

A controversial new law has been passed in Poland that will dismiss Supreme Court judges and let politicians choose their own.

The former Minister of Justice has branded it "the biggest fraud in the history of the Polish parliament".

I think the Polish people said they like Trump, why are they protesting? The world is swinging in the direction of corrupt Trump America and his/its Russian allies.. Trump would also love to stop the judiciary from working in the United States, and if America is not careful, he will stop the judiciary from interpreting and applying the law on the corrupt politicians that just took over the world right now.

America is now moving in the direction of Russia, and When the United States of America moves in Russian direction, the rest of the world follows and the world will be totally mess up.

You all know the history of Russia.. Even ordinary citizens of Russia knows that Russian politicians, Russian mafias, thugs, gangs have taken over Russian judiciary long way back, but who are they to talk?, who are they confront them, who are they to show their unhappiness ? They all pretends like everything is alright because they are all afraid being the victims of the thugs.

That is why you see that Russian Federation is always under total dictatorship. Would the rest of the world want that same thing to happen to the rest of the world? That is why Americans needs to stop Trump now before it will be too late to stop him and his gangs. They are taking over the world. This is not about hates, this is just a warning and the truth.

Written, edited and published by Olusola Olaniyi's Planet Blog - Mariupol State University, Ukraine.

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