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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Greece debt "austerity measurement" major fear for the Brits that led to BREXIT, a major blow for the EU - According to research

EU economy and single market keeps going strong, stronger and booming, despite hates from you fools and ignorant writing shits and nonsense about them. Euro Zone is strong and that's why euro is always higher than dollar.

Thanks to a strong woman Angel Merkel for keeping smaller countries in the EU out of poverty. Countries like Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Croatia and so on.
Greece, a Euro zone country experiencing austerity measurement at the moment, due to large amount of debt is now looking forward to Angel Merkel to bail them out like Spain was bailed out of austerity some years ago.

Brexit people won't be part of this new bail out though.  Sometimes I don't want to blame the Brits, because they played a major role in rebuilding Germany after second world war and they also played a major role in bailing out Spain from austerity measurement that almost destroyed their economy due to large amount of debt some years ago.

I think Greek economic austerity measurement " lots of debt" is one of the major reason that led to Brexit, because the United Kingdom don't want to be part of this new Greek debt bail out, but I think this is not the right time for the Brits to exit the EU.

Anyway, I trust Angela Merkel, she is going to do everything possible to balance Greece, because Greece is one of the most important state of the EU and I hope the lazy Greek people who like taking loans, flexing without working would learn from it.

Written, edited and published by Olusola Olaniyi's Planet Blog - Mariupol State University, Ukraine.

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