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Friday, 8 July 2016


Whites, blacks, browns, Hispanic Americans, Latinos Americans, Christians, Muslims, pagans, non believers abuse gun in the United State Of America.


The problem of Yankee and the Yankees is Gun. This will continue to happen, if the Senate do not support gun control and regulation. Why would almost everybody in the US have access and right to gun?. Police shoot at first, because they have always think that everybody have gun. Teenagers, adults, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers have access and right to gun in the United State of America. Why ?.

This is abuse, they've been abusing gun indirectly.  This is nonsense, it is bullshit. Government must make it hard and harder for everyone in the US to buy gun. Why must you think that you have right to have gun when you are not in any force or in any secret agent or community vigilante. It shouldn't be like that. What kind of stupid right is that?, what kind of civilization is that?, what kind of stupid democracy is that?. Everybody must not have right to gun.

You go to jail, if you are caught with a gun in Nigeria, unless you have license for it . You can't use gun anyhow in Nigeria, even if you have license for it. To get licence for gun in Nigeria is a difficult process and i think that ordinary lay man can't just have it in Nigeria lawfully and unless you have it unlawfully and you become a criminal, if you have gun unlawfully in Nigeria and likewise in many other countries of the world.Vigilantes in Nigeria have being summoned by government to register their local guns.

 Russia the founder of gun and the manufacturer of gun don't abuse gun and use gun like the Yankees does, because they have law to use gun and they follow this law.You become a criminal if you are caught with gun without a licence for using it in  many other countries, but not like in the United State of America because of the level of the illiterates in the US. USA will continue to abuse gun, if gun control and regulation is not pass to law in the US.

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