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Saturday, 9 July 2016


           6 pictures that prove Euro 2016 final referee Mark Clattenburg is a frustrated cricket umpire

English referee Mark Clattenburg will take charge of the Euro 2016 final, completing a personal treble after he also officiated at the FA Cup and Champions League finals.

After such a big summer, he doesn’t have a whole lot left to achieve in football. Perhaps, then, it’s time for a change of sport.

Clattenburg knows Ronaldo style of playing, which he doesn't really reckon with and makes him not friendly with Ronaldo. Some people would say that he is not a Ronaldo fan. 

I reckon that Clattenburg has become too unreliable and, hence, controversial to warrant his being appointed to be the master of such an important match. Some of his decision-making is truly execrable.

He is such a good referee, but the decision made by UEFA is  not the best to have chose a popular English referee for such an important match. English referees have always been controversial in big matches.
Clattenburg would rather like to see France wining the tournament, than seeing Portugal or Ronaldo being the champion of Europe.

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