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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Video:Trump would only get it right the day he decided to forget that election and politics time is over

Some of you Americans might be right, but I think those nonsense will stop immediately Trump starts doing the right thing.. Look, ruling America should be more than Politics or political parties alone.

They need to forget Politics and do people's wish, bring people together and make them understand that politics time is over.
I understood all politicians always lie during campaign in order to get them elected, and who ever is lucky to get elected need to make his or her people understood that election and politics time is over and get straight to work. But Trump wouldn't do that, Trump wouldn't stop rallies all around, attacking opponents, attacking individual politicians everyday.

This not right, this is not politics time. He should face the reality, unite the country and bring the best out of the people of America.. Look people, I am a critical critic of Trump, but I did wish him the best immediately he got sworn in as the 45th. I thought he was going to forget Politics and face the reality, yet he keeps getting worse and worse.

I really want him to be a good president that's why I am his critic.. I never hate him,i don't hate anyobody, but really one of his critic. I will stop being his critic immediately he started doing the right thing, I will become his best friend immediately he started doing the right thing.

His hate campaign during election or politics period made many people not to like him, I became his critic due to his hate campaign which divided America and continues going around with hate rallies. That's not good , not right for United States and for the world.

Any bad and good things that happens in the United States or to the United States will surely affect the rest of the world either positively or negatively.. Trump needs to know that.. I am not an American, never been there , but really want Trump to be a good President, I really want him to change for better and that's why I suddenly found myself as his critic.

I decided to support Hillary in the last election due to Trump hate campaign which has gave more power to people calling themselves the nationalist or neo Nazis or whatever.. It is very bad and shameful to see Nazist flags in the United States, some people carrying nazist flags, giving nazist sign in the States. That is very shameful.

Trump would only get it right the day he forgot that election and politics time is over.. Good luck to you Americans.


Written, edited and published by Olusola Olaniyi's Planet Blog - Mariupol State University, Ukraine.

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